Dealing With Anxiety Pt 1

I’m walking home after a day of work. It’s a typical day, and nothing out of the ordinary has happened. My mind replays the day at work; I wonder what’s for dinner at home. I wonder how my son’s day was? Did he have fun at school? I picture him playing on the playground. I see him running on the field with his friends. He veers off to the tree line, and suddenly he is snatched up around his waist, and a hand roughly covers his mouth. He is dragged into the trees and out of sight. Someone has kidnapped my child! I immediately feel sick to my stomach. Continue reading “Dealing With Anxiety Pt 1”


The Power Of Purpose

Have you ever asked yourself, what is the purpose of my life? I know it was a question I pondered for many years while I suffered from depression. It always seemed to be at the forefront of my thoughts. If there was no purpose for my depression, was I merely existing in purgatory? I wondered what the point of existing was? This process of reflection can be overwhelming and dangerous for a person suffering from depression. Continue reading “The Power Of Purpose”

Personal Development For Depression?

The Personal Development industry is a fraud. Self-help is fake. How can I dare to suggest you can use personal development to beat something as serious as depression? Wait, what? Well, the reason I can is that I did! I know, with 100% certainty, that you change your life through personal development. I mean, think about it, how else do you improve your life, if not by developing yourself? The very idea that finding ways to grow and improve yourself is a scam is outright baffling to me! Continue reading “Personal Development For Depression?”

I Believe

It’s ok to struggle! I mean, it sucks, a whole lot, but it’s alright in the context that it’s something that happens to everyone. Tim Ferris has a quote from his book Tools Of Titans that I love, that says “everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about”. It’s a part of being human. We make mistakes, and we feel vulnerable and insecure. Or perhaps, we feel, depressed and anxious! Regardless, we all fight personal battles! Continue reading “I Believe”

Depression Relationships

How we learn to relate to others is essential in determining the success of our relationships. Often, communicating with others can be one of the most difficult tasks a person with depression faces. On the other hand, the friends and loved ones who are involved in these relationships can feel it is impossible to get through to the depressed person. An understanding of both points of view is imperative for the people concerned to be able to communicate most effectively. Continue reading “Depression Relationships”

Depression Requires Mental Fitness

A person who suffers from depression or anxiety can certainly relate to the times when you stare off into space, thinking about past mistakes, or unimaginable future situations. It can consume you. Your mind focuses on these thoughts for hours at a time, until you simply want to crawl into bed to escape and get relief from the feelings.

A person who is depressed, truly believes they are incapable to find a way past these horrific feelings of despair. Though I am here to tell you, that you certainly can. You can come all the way through those feelings and put depression behind you. It’s not easy and it’s not going to happen in the blink of an eye, but you can do it! Continue reading “Depression Requires Mental Fitness”