Tony Robbins Seminar

I’m very excited to share an experience with you that I had this past weekend. I went to see Tony Robbins live. It was an amazing experience, to say the least. Tony has been a huge inspiration to me and my journey through depression. His books and videos have played a huge part in my personal development. Having the opportunity to see him speak live and be a part of the energy at one of his shows was something I will never forget. I will not attempt to recite the entire 3 hours to you. However, I would like to share with you what resonated with me.

Tony Robbins is not a motivational speaker. He does a great job of getting people up off of their chairs, moving and engaging during his seminar. He did this because he was trying to keep us in a peak learning state throughout. Remember sitting in school at a desk for hours? How engaged were you for the entire class? So while Tony’s seminar may seem like a hype rally, the truth is he utilized and passed on to us, a strategy for reaching an optimal learning state. The entire seminar was about strategies rather than motivation.

Tony helped us identify our states, and our patterns, such as facial expressions and body language while in those states. How to change our state was a big focus of the seminar. We practiced getting into various states and determining what it was that we did with our mind and bodies to get us into those states. At one point we put ourselves into a depressed state. Think about that! If we have the power to put ourselves into a depressed state, we also have the power the power to get ourselves out of a depressed state. How empowering is that? There are two ways in which we can change our state.


The first way to change our state is to change our focus. As anyone who has ever suffered from depression can attest to, it is easy to get caught up the self-defeating thoughts playing over and over in our minds. Obsessing over past mistakes or current conditions can lead to us become trapped in those states. Thus, it is so important to find ways to break ourselves out of those thinking models and develop new patterns that are empowering at a level of thought. If we can change what our mind focuses on, we can change how we are feeling in that moment.

I discussed this very idea in a recent blog post, I Believe.

“I would read those words every day when I woke up and every night before bed. My world was dark then, and this was my flashlight in the dark. It gave me hope that I would find my way out of the darkness. There were times when I had bad days that I would read it over and over again. I was fighting my current mind state with the words from a more positive frame of mind. I felt completely insane!

Be that as it may, I can say with complete honesty, that the words on that piece of paper were the start to me pushing through depression. I didn’t understand it at the time, but I began the process of personal development.”


The second way of changing our state is through our body language or physiology. When we are in any state, there are certain things we unconsciously do with our bodies. We do this every time we go into a different state. Understand that we are creatures of habit and that the ability to identify these patterns can unlock the power for us to change the way we feel in a given moment, through our body language.

This Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy is a great resource to see how your body language can change who you are.

Sometimes when we go back and re-visit material, we learn things we didn’t catch the first time. What is even better, is when we see that we have achieved results based on something we hadn’t consciously been aware of for a long time. That is a big part of what I took away from the Tony Robbins seminar. It was a refresher for some concepts I had read about years ago, and I realized that I had used far more of the information than I had known. The flip side was relearning some concepts that I hadn’t fully utilized yet. What is super exciting about this, is the fact that there is a whole other area for growth and success that I have not yet fully tapped into.



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