The Power Of Purpose

Have you ever asked yourself, what is the purpose of my life? I know it was a question I pondered for many years while I suffered from depression. It always seemed to be at the forefront of my thoughts. If there was no purpose for my depression, was I merely existing in purgatory? I wondered what the point of existing was? This process of reflection can be overwhelming and dangerous for a person suffering from depression. Continue reading “The Power Of Purpose”


Tony Robbins Seminar

I’m very excited to share an experience with you that I had this past weekend. I went to see Tony Robbins live. It was an amazing experience, to say the least. Tony has been a huge inspiration to me and my journey through depression. His books and videos have played a huge part in my personal development. Having the opportunity to see him speak live and be a part of the energy at one of his shows was something I will never forget. I will not attempt to recite the entire 3 hours to you. However, I would like to share with you what resonated with me. Continue reading “Tony Robbins Seminar”

Personal Development For Depression?

The Personal Development industry is a fraud. Self-help is fake. How can I dare to suggest you can use personal development to beat something as serious as depression? Wait, what? Well, the reason I can is that I did! I know, with 100% certainty, that you change your life through personal development. I mean, think about it, how else do you improve your life, if not by developing yourself? The very idea that finding ways to grow and improve yourself is a scam is outright baffling to me! Continue reading “Personal Development For Depression?”

I Believe

It’s ok to struggle! I mean, it sucks, a whole lot, but it’s alright in the context that it’s something that happens to everyone. Tim Ferris has a quote from his book Tools Of Titans that I love, that says “everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about”. It’s a part of being human. We make mistakes, and we feel vulnerable and insecure. Or perhaps, we feel, depressed and anxious! Regardless, we all fight personal battles! Continue reading “I Believe”